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A little about me

Mathieu Lévesque is a professional photographer, specializing in food and objects photography. Having cut his teeth in the movie industry, he now works in photography since the early 2000s. His years of working as assistant-photographer enabled him to flesh out his naturally keen eye for detail and turn his perfectionism into a complete work ethic. His cinematic inspirations follow him to this day as he applies his notions of framing and lighting not only as a means of capturing motion but also orienting the spectators? eyes to the distinctive elements of the objects in front of his lens.

He approaches the construction of his images first and foremost through his own personal vision and his minimalist design approach, while sometimes even channeling an architectural conception to realize the perfect image.

Be it for food, objects or beauty-fashion photography, his unique style makes it easy to recognize the personal touch that gives his work an artistic as well as advertising value.
His work in publicity retouching offers him the possibility of further developing his photographic approach. His large experience in fashion and beauty retouching has him working on major local, national and international campaigns, where he was able to put his knowledge and know-how to good use and create a solid reputation, based as always on his eye for detail and the importance of a final result that is perfect, rich and solid.